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A transfer is made up of a carrier paper and inks. When heated to a certain temperature and pressed with a significant amount of pressure for a certain amount of time, the transfer inks are passed over to the imprintable material. Some inks are adhered and embedded to the surface of the material, while others (namely, sublimation) permeate the coating of the material.

Heat transfers can be printed onto mugs, plates, t shirt, phone covers,tiles, mousepads, puzzles,ceramics, metals, glass etc.. For these substrates, sublimation transfers are used. The important factor when heat pressing with sublimation transfers onto non-natural fabric substrates is to be sure the material has the proper coating, For this reason it is best to get the special sublimated materials pre-coated from us

About sublimation transferAbout sublimation transfer

SUBTRANSFER(sublimation-transfer) specialized in diverse products includes heat press machines(like t shirt heat press, mug press,plate press,cap press,combo press and large format press), 3D vacuum press with 3D consumables,3D phone cases,various of sublimation blanks such as mugs,t shirt,plate,cap,phone cases,power charger for mobile phone,lanyard ,MDF product,fan ,flag ,Slipper ,keychain,mousepad,puzzle,mirror,pillow,can cooler,bottle opener,neoprene items,fridge magnet,baby bibs,tiles,lighter,metal board,photo slate etc with related sublimation consumables like Epson printer,sublimation ink,paper,coating etc and other related personalized gifts like DIY photo ballon, laminator, paper cutter , badge making machine with pin buttons,PVC card maker,Laminator ,Fridge magnet maker with consumables magnet,photo crystal machine with crystal blanks etc..

If you need any other special items but related to the sublimation and personalized item then we will be also can help you outsource with best price so that you can ship all your wanted items together with aim to help you save more time and shipping cost.

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